VBAC Practitioner


Creating a sisterhood of birth professionals to support and empower women birthing after a caesarean.

Over 9 Hours of transformational BAC education to change and save Women's lives and the professionals supporting them.

Unfortunately, all over the world we have an increase in women receiving caesareans for unjustified reasons.  women are told how to birth, disrespected verbally, emotionally abused and enough is enough...


Let's change the way VBAC mothers are treated and supported. Let's stick to evidence-based facts and what we know to be true, that the majority of women are safe having a VBAC.


We need to stand up and be counted. Rise up and reverberate the change we want to see, but change can only happen if we do this together.


Women all over the world need someone they can trust

and turn to during their VBAC journey.


Could that someone be you? Do you have an interest in VBACs?

Are you caring, empathetic, supportive and interested in helping mothers have the most empowering birth?? Are you in?


If you answered yes, this training is 100% for you!

Do something Life-Changing

From start to finish....

Learning everything birth business and more

The VBAC Practitioner training is the only training globally that groups more than one training all together to create a powerhouse training experience. We thought this was necessary to ensure our VBAC Practitioners are trained to the highest level, well-equip to support mothers planning and birthing after a caesarean.


We've developed an all rounded, eclectic mix of courses for you to embrace....

 Our VBAC Practitioners are the most educated VBAC Professionals in the world as they are trained using the world renowned Naturelle VBAC method. 


5-in-1 Trainings

VBAC Practitioner Training

- Breech baby training

- Social media Training

- Business Startup & Maintenance Training

- NLP Training


4-in-1 Events 

- Online Global VBAC Event

- VBAC Summit 2017

- VBAC Summit 2018

- VBAC Summit 2019



- Workbooks

- Guidelines

- Checklists

- Client Packs

Training Dates

(Coming up)

28th January 2021

30th March 2021

27th May 2021



You can sign up now!


Please check the training package you purchase to find out if all or some of these features are included

January 2021 sales... It all begins now!

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What We Cover In This Training...

  • We use a fine tooth comb and carefully unpick the history behind birth & c-sections and why we are in a global caesarean pandemic. We learn about the culture surrounding birth as well as the fundamental core values and principles a VBAC practitioner must uphold.

  • We explore transformative techniques required to increase the mothers chances of having a successful VBAC or Caesarean Birth. We also look at trauma as a whole and explore how we can eliminate birth trauma and the likes.

  • We focus on why so many women end up with a repeat c-section section against their birth wishes, and how we can protect mothers from this awful trend polluting our world.

  • We are currently working on a birth and racial justice module to give our students a good understanding of what black women sometimes endure in the birth room. Once this module is ready, you will have a chance to take this module and all updates as and when they become available. 

  • This training is particularly wonderful for professionals who want to make a healthy presence on social media. We have a whole module and workbook on how to build your birth brand on social media and how to stand back.

  • We discuss what you need to do to complete the post-training requirements. We also provide extended learning options so you can continue your learning 

  • You learn what you need to do to start and maintain your business. This part is particularly interesting if you want to learn the mechanics of starting up your own VBAC advocacy organisation. We teach a range of different business methods to get you and your birth business started.

  • One of the most vital learning experiences is learning about NLP and how it can transform not just the work you do, but your life and each person you come into contact with. Once you begin your training, you will love every second of it.

    And there is so much more but this is just the extremely short version of what you will learn

This training isn't like any online training you've been on before. You are learning from an EXPERT VBAC Specialist who has helped 1000's of women prepare and have a VBAC all over the world. If that's not super amazing, The founder of the training Jaleelah Campbell has had 3x VBA2C. Her last birth in January 2018, was a home birth after two c-sections, and she's bursting to tell you how it happened.


Get ready to learn extensive information on what women need when birthing after a caesarean but sadly don't receive from their care providers. It's time we support mothers to birth in an un-touched, un-medicalised way unless there is a reason for it. So many women are having c-sections for unjustified reasons, and we are setting an unhealthy trend that will continue to echo to the next generation of birthing women unless we do something about it. The whole world needs to start reducing the c-section rates to fit the recommendations set by the WHO, and thank goodness you're here because we have some work to do.


At Naturelle VBAC, our teachers and professionals are not just theorists, but real practitioners that have practical, first-hand experience with VBAC and caesarean mothers. We train our practitioners to be supportive, empowering figures that women can lean on and find strength in.

VBAC mothers in your area need you now!

So sign up and start empowering your community to be


  VBAC Ready and VBAC Supportive, Today!  


Training Workbooks & Client Packs

Here is a list of the manuals and workbooks you can expect to get if you enrol onto the training, and we are constantly updating and writing more content and workbooks.

Emotion Tracker Workbook

Disassociation workbook

Social Media Workbook

Negative vs Positive Workbook

VBAC Practitioner Manual

Client Packs

Certification badge


I'm so grateful to be on this training. After listening to all the lectures I realised how much support VBAC mothers need. I'm now confident to start supporting  VBAC mothers, thanks to you and your training


Student OBGYN

The NBM VBAC supporter Coach training course provided me with invaluable information on what I can do to support and care for my client and ensure she gets the most out of her birth.



I've completed the audio lectures on VBACS. I have to say, I am very pleased with what I have walked away with. I can confidently say any potential VBAC clients I will be assisted more confidently. JazakAllah Khair for all your hard work in organising this.



Educated professionals empower mothers and enhance birth experiences

Why this training?

Supporting professionals to better support mothers!

  • Why is this necessary?

    The world health organisation (WHO) issued a statement telling us we need to get the c-section rates down to between 10-15%. But in this day and age, women are scare-mongered and forced to have a repeat c-section instead of being given the right to have a vaginal birth after a c-section, also known as a VBAC. The possibility of a mother having a complication such as Uterine rupture, scare dehiscence or even worse case scenario (HE) is very very rare but care providers don't tell mothers the facts. Instead, they highlight the complications more than the massive rate of VBAC success, so we need to change this. One c-section doesn't mean a repeat c-section, and women deserve to have better maternity care and the choice to choose what type of birth they want as long as it's genuinely safe for her and her baby. That's why we are training VBAC Practitioners internationally.

  • Naturelle vbac logo in teal

    What is the benefits of joining?

    - Join our amazing VBAC practitioners located all over the word

    - Share ideas and learn from other practices all over the world.

    - Get the latest VBAC guidelines broken down for you when they are released.

    - Receive discounted events, trainings and workshops online and in person.

    - Receive new ideas to get your doula or birth business booming on social media as well as to gain more sales.

    - Join a movement that is ethically and morally standing up for birthrights.

  • How do mothers benefit?

    Having a VBAC Practitioner support a VBAC mothers does so much for the mothers confidence and trust during birth. Studies show that when a mother has continuity of care she has a better labour outcome. Many of these VBAC mothers are having pre-labour c-sections-before labour starts and before 39 weeks of pregnancy. A study has shown pre-labour c-sections have been linked to a baby leukaemia, breathing issues, low Apgar scores, neonatal deaths, obesity in the baby later on in life. So educating mothers that they should at least try a VBAC if they choose to is better for her and her baby.

  • Why should you join?

    We recognise the need for specialist VBAC supporters in conjunction with the statement issued by the (who). We need your skills and the skills we teach on this training to change one birth at a time, one birth professional at a time. Becoming a VBAC Practitioner, shows you are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder, in unity for women's birth rights so that she can birth in a calm, gentle, normal physiological way. The VBAC Practitioner badge gives mothers a chance, for the first time; to pick a support team and provider they trust, knowing they are not only VBAC trained but VBAC ready. This will eliminate most of the unnecessary problems VBAC mothers face regarding negativity, being bullied, having no rights during pregnancy, labour and after the birth of her baby because she can go to one platform to check for VBAC Practitioners in her area...  Being a doula, midwife or obstetrician is awesome but for a mother wanting a VBAC she need to be sure that her provider is supportive and for the very first time, they will be held accountable to the badge if they become not supportive

Who can become a VBAC Practitioner?

Midwives, Doula's, Childbirth Educators, Student Midwives, Doulas in training, Obstetricians, Hypnobirthing Practitioners, Labor Nurse, any type of medical Doctor, Mothers and anyone interested in supporting women birthing after a caesarean......

Choose your plan

Educating professionals to Empower VBACs.

VBAC Support

Practitioner Training


January 2021 SALE


£200 Training Cost & £50 Certification Fee

  • 5-day unlimited Access

    VBAC Practitioner Training

  •  VBAC Practitioner directory listing

  • Access to the Downloadable

    Workbooks & Manual

    (Currently being updated)

  • Certification & Certificate

    *£50 Yearly fee recurring payment

  • Student support 24/7

VBAC Advocate+   

Practitioner  Training 

January 2021 SALE



£400 Training Cost & £50 Certification Fee

  • 9-day Unlimited Access

    VBAC Practitioner training

  • Access to the Downloadable

    Workbooks & Manual

    (Currently being updated)

  • Free Business coaching call 25 mins

  • 1 Month Free

    mentorship program 

  •  VBAC practitioner directory Listing

  • Access to our business support team

  • Certification & Certificate

    *£50 Yearly fee recurring payment

    Payment taken the day after your training begins automatically. Price included in Package price above.

  • Student support portal 24/7

 Specialist  VBAC 

  Practitioner  Training

January 2021 SALE



£500 Training Cost & £50 Certification Fee

  • 14-day Unlimited Access

    VBAC Practitioner training

    The training will be available ONLY for 14 days. 

  • Access to the Downloadable

    Workbooks & Manual

    (Currently being updated)

  • 3-Day Unlimited Access to

    Full NLP Practitioner training

    After your Free days unlimited access, you will no longer have access to the content.

  • 7-day Access to The

    Online Global VBAC event

  • 7-day Access to The

    VBAC Summit 2017 

  • 7-day Access to The

    VBAC Summit 2019 

  • 3 day FREE access to 

    Birth Workers Membership club

    After day free an £18 reoccurring monthly fee will be automatically charged unless you cancel your membership subscription

  • Free Business coaching call 

    60 mins  1x a Month for 2 Months

  • Student support portal 24/7

  • Access to our business support team 

  • VBAC Support group 24/7

  • 6 Months FREE Mentor Program 

  • Listing on the

    VBAC Practitioner directory 


  • Business growth services discounts

  • Certification & Certificate

    *£50 Yearly fee recurring payment

    Payment taken the day after your training begins automatically. Price included in Package price above.

*If you decide to pay in instalments for your training, the price does not reflect both the training fee and the certification fee, so you are required to pay an additional annual fee of £50  for your certification fee before the training period ends. 


*The training price consists of the training fee and your certification fee.  You will pay for the training first and we will debit your certification fee the next working day. This applies only if you are paying the full price, upfront.


After certification all students are required to sign up to our membership site to get the full benefits of our monthly bundle packages. £18 Per Month

Birth shouldn't be violent or scary it should be amazing!

I realised being a birth professional, whether you are a Midwife, Obstetrician or a Doula, learning new skills never stops. Being able to best care for mothers takes hard work and sometimes specialised skills you can only get by sitting at the feet of a teacher with the specialist skillset. The VBAC Practitioner training welcomes women from all over the world who have a passion for promoting an undisturbed, physiological birth or a birth that respects the mothers rights and choices.


VBAC mothers are normal and deserve to have the same level of care all women require but they may need additional support or services to ensure all their needs are met and are well prepared for the road ahead.


The VBAC Practitioner Training is about keeping your evidence up to date and finding new ways to support VBAC mothers. Training with us creates a system that will gradually promote change internationally. 

Educated professionals empower mothers and enhance birth experiences

Why should you sign up?

Should you invest in training with us?

Are you a 

Birth Professionals

As birth professionals already in the birth industry, you know the importance of protecting women's birth rights, ensuring they receive continuity of care and that they are given all the facts to make informed decisions regarding their birth.


So we need your support to start making changes today. Let me tell you why you should join our team and become a VBAC Practitioner or an Ambassador

  • Expand your knowledge on VBAC and become more confident to support VBAC mothers.

  • Join our community of professionals globally and share your ideas with our webinars

  • Enjoy our plethora of learning opportunities with our VBAC podcasts, VBAC Summit events, membership area which we issue a new bundle each month, our blogs and our 24 hour international Whatsapp group.

  • Receive exclusive opportunities to become a speaker for our events and workshops

  • Receive an all done for you client pack which you can use when you have a client.

  • Learn about the true facts pertaining to VBAC so you can support VBAC mothers with ease.

  • Join our international VBAC directory 

  • We are the only VBAC training providers who teach you about business and how to start your own birth business, An intensive, complete NLP training, breech birth training, Coaching, Emotional intelligence training, life coaching and so much more....

  • Receive access to our business and creative team to create a website, flyer, logo, an online course, support with your social media pages to gain more followers and to become an influencer in your community. We also have an idea strategist to help you develop your business idea into a working functioning business. All of these services will be available to you for a reduced fee as one of ur members.

I hope now you are more interested in becoming a VBAC Practitioner and joining our team

Are you  

Not a Professionals

It's ok, don't be shy... It can be hard to make the first step into a new profession. Let me tell you why you need to sign up and support the cause with our global organisation.

  • VBAC mothers need support

  • We work closely with our integrity and values. That means we wont do anything just for money, or for fame, or anything that takes us away from being honest, truthful, especially if it goes against our why! 

  • We are the first organisation to coin the term VBAC Practitioners so you can rest assured we definitely know what we are talking about.

  • We are a team of doula's, Childbirth educators and VBAC mothers, women's health and nutrition professionals who all want to change the way women are treated when they become pregnant after a previous c-section.

  • We need as many women to sign up and become VBAC Practitioners so we can begin changing policies and spread an umbrella of childbirth education to women internationally.

  • We also have job opportunities for all our practitioners and a business plan that will help you to earn.

  • Our goal is to train as many savvy, enthusiastic, interested in VBAC women, so we can end the scare-mongering tactics some professionals do to mums.

I hope now you are more interested in becoming a VBAC Practitioner and joining our team

Where is the training?

Online or In-person

The training is available in all countries all over the world.

You can choose to take the online self-paced training in the comfort of your home via your mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart tv or you can directly come to a live, in-person training for 3 days.

What you should know

Getting the best out of your training by knowing the facts...


Do I need anything to begin the training?

No. You just need to turn up and be ready to learn.

Certification Process

You have one-year to complete the post-training requirements. Once you complete your post training requirements you will receive your certificates and your badges. 

Techniques Covered

1. NLP Techniques

2. Emotional Intelligence

3. Marketing/advertising on Facebook

4. Counselling

5. Life coaching Techniques

6. Business Tips to get more clients and money.

And many more techniques...

Is this Course Right for You?


  • Birth, health professionals, parents, anyone interested in making vbacs more accessible.

  • If you want to support vbac mothers and educate them on the facts about vbacs

  • Any birth, parent or health professional interested in learning more about setting up a birth business.


  • Mothers who are looking for vbac childbirth education.

  • Professionals not interested in learning about VBAC or are VBAC supportive 

About The Founder

I understand what it takes to transform our maternity care system, internationally, to create a safe, undisturbed, gentle birth for mothers. I also understand as a birth and health professional, I believe it's my job to create a strong movement with other birth and health professionals to stand up for women's birthrights in childbirth.  I've had 5 children and all the births have been different. From breech presentations, gestational Diabetes, VBACS, HBACS and I can honestly say one birth at a time, one mother at a time, we're making powerful changes but we need to stand up and be counted and sometimes even go against the grain.

Chanelle Jaleelah Campbell


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