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The EBE Awards was created to shine the spotlight on birth organisations who do phenomenal work in the birth industry but may not be acknowledged for the ground breaking work they do. As birth workers we are always mothering the mother or standing up for justice and birthrights and some of us go far and beyond to ensure every mother you come into feels the most amazing experience during one of the most sacred times of her life, childbirth. This year will be the first award ceremony of it's kind, and we will run it side by side with the VBAC SUMMIT 2021.


If you have someone in mind, or you know an organisation, photographer who deserves one of these awards don't hesitate. Click the link below and put them in the line up to win an EBE AWARD this year....

The Nominations Are In.....

Here are the nominations for this years EBE Awards. Now it's time for you to Vote for the person or organisation you want to win an award....

Phenomenal Birth Photography of the year 

1. Carmen Bridge Water

2. Focused on Love Birth Photography

3. Kate Carlton

4. Stephanie Entin

5. Heather Shields Photo

6. Milk and Hannah Photographer

7. Rodrigo Kunstmann Photographer

8. Hannah Palamara Photographer

9. Eva Rose Birth Photography

Most Informative Birth Organisation of the year

1. Amani Birth

2. Birth Kuwait

3. Nurturing Birth

4. Birth Monopoly

5. Badass Mother Birthing

6. Dona International

7. The VBAC Link    

8. Birth Without Fear

9. Evidenced-Based Birth

10. Birthing From Within

11. Black women Birthing

12. When push comes to shove

13. Birth ED

14. VBAC Stories

15. VBAC Academy

16. Birth Uprising

17. The Birth Collective

18. The Calm Birth School

19. Student Midwife Study Gram

20. Uma Mother

21. The positive Birth Company

22. The student midwife Journal

23. The Little Birth Company

24. C-section Strong

25. KGH Hypnobirthing


Empowering Doula Award


1. Anam Zaidi

2. Eleen Birth Services

3. Hafsa Qureshy

4. Deena Faheem

5. Laura Scarlett

6. Hanan Albada

7. Rahida Abdul Rasheed

8. Thando Zwane

9. Vicky Walker

10. Nicole Taylor

11. Sumreen Wasiq

12. Katie Bachelor

13. Luthfa Khalid

14. K.beautiful Birth

15. Baida Al Ayyar

16. Muna Quach

17. Nikia Lawson

18. Doula Bud

19. Barakah's Doula

Active Birth worker Award


1. Sacred Wombanhood

2. Maha Al Musa

3. Delia Muhammad

4. Adilah Yelton

5. Nuvu Birthing

6. Fascinating Birth

7. Hafsa Qureshy

8. Zahra Batool

Influential Black Birth Workers

1.Nikia Lawson

2. Black Birth Workers Rock

3. Black Birth Experience

4. National Association To Advance Black Birth

5. Delia Muhammad

6. Birmingham Doula

7. Sabia - The Black Doula

8. Doula Vanessa

9. Midwife Marley


Recognising, validating and showcasing game changers

Once we've received all the nominations for the EBE AWARDS, we will post the photos of the shortlisted nominees on this page where you will be able to vote for who you think should receive an EBE Award. The winners for each category will be announced on the last day of

the VBAC Summit 2021


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