Changing the way women birth after a caesarean

Naturelle VBAC is committed to providing VBAC Evidence-based, well

Researched education for mothers and birth workers globally, which we

have been doing for the past 11 years.


For the past 11 years, we have focused on creating a safety net for women who become pregnant after a caesarean. Women should be able to give birth to their babies in a gentle, undisturbed way, without being forced to conform to anything they do not consent to.


We've carefully handpicked our team who consist of women who have successfully had a Vaginal birth after a previous caesarean section and who have undergone extensive trainings in BAC births, trauma, nutrition and NLP & life therapy.


At Naturelle VBAC we have two main goals which we work extremely hard to uphold. Our goal is to support women to have a better, enriched birth after caesarean experience and to educate birth workers to become strong forces in their communities.


*BAC stands for Birth after caesarean section

BAC Education Options

We've put together a plethora of comprehensive learning opportunities for you to learn everything about birthing after a previous caesarean section. Find the best learning option below to match your intention and goals. We have courses and learning activities for mothers and birth professionals no matter where you're in the world.

VBAC Antenatal Course

The most 

Comprehensive VBAC education for mothers interested in having a positive, empowered VBAC experience. 

Revised & Rolling out this year

VBAC Practitioner Training

The worlds most in-depth, Complete

VBAC doula training for birth professionals interested in

birth after caesarean Education.


Spaces available now

VBAMC and VBAC vba2c

VBAC Summit Event

Join us for the worlds largest Online VBAC Event to learn everything you need to learn to have a successful VBAC or to support women Birthing

after a Caesarean

Tickets selling fast


 world renowned

VBAC Summit 2021

The VBAC Summit 2021 is largely attended by thousands of women and the only

event that specialises in VBAC and birth after caesarean education.


With over 1000+ attendees every year, we are still shining the spotlight on this

heart felt cause: Birth after a Caesarean.


This year we are hosting the EBE AWARDS an event that showcases the amazing birth workers in the birth industry. To nominate your favourite birth worker or to find out more, click here

Holding space.......

It's about time we reform the way women birth after a caesarean section.

We need to eradicate fear, anxieties and racial institutional abuse in the birth room and build a system where women are respected and honoured  during the most vulnerable time in their lives.


Naturelle VBAC is about building strong birth professionals who know the facts and who unequivocally condemn birth violence and are not shaken or scared to stand up and advocate for the mothers they support.


VBAC Practitioner Directory

  Are You Listed?  

Are you a Certified VBAC Practitioner?

Join our international directory so parents interested in

having a BAC can find you.

More Projects....

We are constantly working on new ways to bring evidence-based courses to both mothers and professionals around the globe. 

In 2021, we will be releasing a new enhanced VBAC childbirth education series for mothers and birth professionals around the world with the option to take it online and with one of our Certified VBAC Practitioners & VBAC Childbirth educators.


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VBAC Summit 20

(Online annual event)  

Fundraising to  save mothers and babies lives.  Find out why

VBAC Practitioner Directory



Our Latest VBAC Blogs

Find evidence-based, anecdotal blogs from the worlds most trustworthy

source on VBAC, caesareans, tips and self-care advice

VBAMC, Is it Safe? 

What does the research tell us?

When deciding if a VBAMC is a safe option for you, you must take the time to do your research to make an informed decision


Racial Disparities

For black women planning a VBAC

It's deplorable that across the world, black women disproportionately experience racism in the birth room,


ACOG Guidelines 

Understand the VBAC Guidelines

When trying for a VBAC, there are some things you should think about to make a balanced decision.


I nearly died But

Having a VBAC saved my life

It's literally, two years and three days after my previous VBA2C x2 birth. 




Help us save mums & babies lives

No mother deserves to loose their lives or their babies. We need your help to build a local village birth centre so mothers and babies have access to proper medical care during the birth of their babies....




Helping mums get justice

You don't have to endure the trauma you've experienced


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